Free Shipping + Free Returns* Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Return Policy

Such is the customer satisfaction at Alsaka Fur Gallery that we expect you to be happy with your purchase from Alaska Fur Gallery.If you are not completely satisfied, you can always avail the service of FULL refund or Exchange, on web site orders only, within 48 hours after receiving the item(s).


Step 1

Print and fill out your Return & exchange Form then attach with product.

Step 2

Generate a free Return shipping label and attach it to your shipping box.

Step 3

Mail your return paperwork

*When selecting a drop off location, please make sure that it services Ground, as opposed to just Express, as the latter can create delays or problems with return shipments (drop boxes that only service Express and should be avoided).

Please box and ship the purchase back to Alaska Fur Gallery 428 west 4th Ave, Anchorage AK 99501 USA

What to include?

Your Name, Address, Phone, and/or email along with Order/Invoice Number.For quality control purposes, we’d appreciate in knowing the reason for your return.

Alaska Fur GAllery Speedy Exchange

For the fastest service, call Customer Service at 1-888-722-3877 to request a Speedy Exchange. We'll place an order for your new item(s) right away. We'll need to charge you the purchase price, but we'll waive the shipping and handling charge for the new item(s). Once we receive your return, we'll credit you for the cost of the original item(s).


Credit card purchases will be refunded to the card on which they were originally charged. Cash or Check purchases will be refunded by a check mailed promptly to your address. Outbound shipping charges on your initial order (e.g. express shipping charges / surcharges, international shipping charges) are not refunded.